Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring is finally here

It’s suddenly decided to warm up a little here in London. Beautiful cherry blossom 🌸 trees are blooming all round me . It honestly lifted my moods . Everyday really does feel different when spring is here. The clock has moved forward and that means brighter evenings. 

Today I decided to make some baba ganoush . Normally the skin is blackened and you scrap it off I decided to blacken  some parts and peel that bit off . I then roasted the aubergines . Once cooked  Mashed it with a fork and then added yoghurt, garlic and flat leaf parsley. Lemon juice ,salt and pepper. Added lots of olive oil . Served with flat bread  goodness me it was utterly delicious . 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Inside Crochet issue 99

Hello my lovely ,
I can't actually believe that its almost the end of  February can you ?.... . This morning as I write this London has snow . The sun however has decided to shine and it looks so bright but don’t be deceived  It’s very very cold.  Perfect day to update my blog.

Once upon a time I loved blogging I enjoyed sharing my Makes .Blogging is taking a bit of effort .
Its very hard to find the time to write ever since my daughters ex used my blog as a means of spying on her. He actually used the fact That I posted the term “we are back “  from a holiday as evidence in court saying we had taken our grandson  and daughter . In fact we had not . It was just me and the Mr .  All of you who come here know I never share very much of my children’s lives . Graduations are the only bit I’ve share plus two photos of my grandchildren announcing their arrival. I have always avoided photos of my children and grandchildren as unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.

I urge you to be a bit cautious . One of my dear friends has deleted her blog as she took a photo of her front door . She simply shared a knitted wreath she had made for Christmas. She suddenly found a few people knocking her door as they recognised the door. Asking her allsorts  , whilst they might have been harmless you can totally understand her fear. She has young children and suddenly she felt violated . What a blooming check she was so frightened . Deleting her blog was a big step but it was the right decision for her. We who blog can often forget that a few people are not to be trusted.

This is one of my latest designs published this in this month’s IInside Crochet February 2018 issue 99 . I am very proud of this design . A super chunky cowl in my favourite colour mustard . I have used  yarn called Elisa available from  woolly mahoosive
I have
It has a feature  buckle fasteners to add a contemporary feel, but it also functions as it closes the cowl .I love that juxaposiotion of metal and fiber.

I had my first pattern published in February 2011 I still have to pinch myself it is so nice to know that others like my work enough to publish them . The greatest part of the design work is seeing people s interpretations of my designs . I am humbled by it daily.  Hope you are all well . I do read your blogs I ve just stopped commenting, thank you for always sharing and thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dream catcher shawl

I am delighted I can finally share a design I made for the fabulous yarn company Scheepjes yarn . It is one of a series of patterns called “Yarn After Party. “ my pattern  joins some brilliant designers .It’s called the Dream Catcher shawl. It uses the one cake of Scheepjes Whirl. Incredibly soft and great value for money . The colours within one ball are so subtle  but also  dramatic . You can not help doing just one more row as in a bid to find out the next shade .
Pattern is available at your nearest Scheepjes stockists or via Ravelry

Friday, November 10, 2017


 It is Halloween today. I have a stack of chocolates ready for the the wee darlings that come trick or treating. I do enjoy the costumes and the great effort they all put in . It has been six months since I last blogged. I am sounding more and more like my mother but there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. I often wish I had two or three pairs of hands

 My granddaughter is growing up . Six months already . She is an absolute joy to be around.
 On the crochet front I am still busy with designing .I have had quite a few more patterns published. I am beginning to lose track of how much I have actually achieved.

A quick and easy versatile cowl  that uses a camel stitch to create a gorgeous faux knitted rib on one side and a textured stitch on the other. Find out how to make this fabulous pattern in issue 94 of Inside Crochet, available to order today, or download directly to your device.
● Rowan Big Wool, 100% Merino wool, 100g/80m/87yds Yarn A: White Hot 001 x 3 balls
● MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino, 100% Merino wool, 50g/125m/136yds Yarn B: Daisy Yellow 142 x 1 ball Yarn C: Fuchsia 143 x 1 ball Yarn D: Lilac Blossom 123 x 1 ball Yarn E: Rain 165 x 1 ball Yarn F: Grass 141 x 1 ball

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The tale of a pair of crochet shoes

Drum roll please , presenting my gorgeous granddaughter.  Born 8 weeks ago . Once again I had the absolute privilege of being present at her birth . We had a very fraught time my daughter developed pre-eclampsia and her labour was induced.  She had quite a time,  fours days of contractions which then resulted in emergency caesarian. 
I'm pleased that both mummy and baby were fine.  Thank the Lord. I must say I'm not a churchgoer anymore but I am a woman who give thanks every single day . I cant tell how much I prayed .
I must tell you the tale of these crochet boots that my granddaughter is wearing.  I made this very same pair 24 years ago for my daughter . She wore them as a newborn . I saved them in a little box away from the light, stuffed far back in the recesses of my cupboard.  You can imagine my delight when I took them out and they looked as perfect as the day her mother wore them . 

Oh what joy I felt when my daughter placed them on her daughters feet . It was a tearful moment.  I really enjoy being a designer having my work published fills me with such happiness but honestly the sense of fulfillment I feel at the tale of these shoes beats all I have  achieved hands downs. Honestly, im not sure why they haven't discoloured.  

It has been such along time since I managed to blog.  I do miss you all . I do visit your blogs but I have not been able to leave comments.  Time just doesn't seem to be on my side . I am going to make a concerted effort do it at least every forthright and connect with the very people who inspired me .
Sending hugs 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Inside Crochet issue 83

Hello my dear friends,
It has been very difficult to blog, My laptop died and my mac kept throwing me out ,making it impossible to blog. Its all gone mad here. Everything I write my blog I keep saying where does time go? I am noticing that I sound more and more like my mum. We have had my grandsons birthday , fireworks, and now I have been hit by that awful bug , week three and I'm still coughing .
Sickness aside , I am very happy to show you my latest design , a little blue bag. I love taking crochet to  new levels adding handles and handbag fastenings. The bag is made from  cotton tshirt material and a large crochet hook.

A pretty small bag perfect for those moments when you only need to carry a lipstick , your mobile and keys ,not forgetting the tissues. I really can not go anywhere without a tissue. What's your must  have item in a small bag ?
Goodness me I love the styling by the fabulous Claire Montgomerie. All photos are  @lucymakesmyheartskip

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yarndale 2016

Presenting the famous crochet bunting.
Hello my loves, hope you are well. As for me I am deliriously happy I managed to go to Yarndale. It is in Skipton, North Yorkshire. I live in London 268 miles away from the event.  I always wanted to go but it always seemed so far away .The night before I casually mentioned to the Mr if he consider driving me there . I was actually expecting him to say no but the man from delmonte said yes.
I am sure you know at this point I nearly jumped up and down. I set about organising packed lunch and packed an overnight bag .We decided we would spent the night .
We set off at 7am leaving enough time for toilet stops and coffee breaks. I love the motorway to see the scenery change .You certainly know you are in the land of wool simply by the amount of sheep in almost every field . It so great leaving the hustle and bustle of London for the dreamy landscapes.

Whoopee, Im in . At this point I feel like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the chocolate factory, my golden ticket is this wrist band. I walked through the gate and wow .I am totally blown away. The planning I had done in the car suddenly went out of the window .I became that child in a sweet aisle.

Can you feel it ??? the sheer excitement of being here. I set off looking for the yarndale merchandise stall .first thing a lady shopping needs is a yarndale bag. am I allowed to skip ???
        Bag purchased and two pens. You can never have too many pens don't you agree?


Beautful  Knit by numbers yarn .A gorgous rainbows of colour from the fabulous John Arbon Mill

midwinter yarns

                                                  The yarndale sheep

I visited the Inside Crochet team

And of course it would not be Yarndale without another picture of the delightful bunting. these are just a few of the pictures I took a lot . I haven't taken a picture of what I bought yet they are sitting happily in my bag .I like to save looking at it on one of those bleak days when I need cheering up . As soon as I do I promise I will share .
Have a lovely day .